The Metropolitan Hotel, London

The Metropolitan, Old Park Lane

The Metropolitan, Old Park Lane

In the 1990s real minimalist design hotels were coming of age – out went the chintz and in came art, minimalism and restrained [a new stripped back, most white] aloofness. A friend lived [yes, lived] at the Met during the week and so we took advantage of the corporate rate for a family stay to celebrate a coming of age. We went back for a 25th wedding anniversary and took one of the rooms overlooking the park. Nowhere since has had quite the same feeling of simple decadence – no plush sofas, or dark, moody lighting. White, minimal pictures and simple furniture.

The Met Bar, on the other hand, was an exuberance of red. Apparently the place to be seen in the late 1990s, we had the odd cocktail waiting to see someone famous. We could still be waiting, for all we knew. Still, it was an experience.

For eating in, the hotel has the original London Nobu – no, we haven’t tried it but can’t think why. Must have been the Ivy that night. Did we have red braces…?

They were down to earth enough to take us back stairs to reach the underground car park when we’d left something in the car. Better than bringing the car out of the car park to the front door, and then back again. Now the Ritz might just have done it differently…but we’ll never know.

Hotel The Metropolitan

Simple, elegant interiors

Simple, elegant interiors

The Met Bar, part of the hotel

The Met Bar, part of the hotel

The Met Bar bar, as it were...

The Met Bar bar, as it were…


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