Sleep | Eat | Enjoy shares the experiences of an enthusiastic group of discerning and ambitious travellers (we’ve been outside Yorkshire already), and is mainly for personal use. It only contains positive comments, so if somewhere is not featured then we haven’t been yet (or maybe we have, but didn’t like it). But we’re ready if you are…

The rules are simple: we post about places and events we’ve enjoyed, or things we’ve seen celebrated and enthused about elsewhere (in the press, or recommendations from friends). If we haven’t been then it’s definitely on our list, or it wouldn’t feature.

There are no negative reviews – that’s not what we’re about. We want to enjoy the places we visit and we spend a long time researching and choosing and, if they feature here, then we hope others will enjoy them as we have done.

Now life’s too short to visit all the places we list – they’re more of an aspiration than an ever-expanding bucket list – but just collecting them is great. That’s a man thing.
The main problem is that, when we like somewhere, we’re too inclined to keep going back. We know we should keep trying more new places but, hey, we’re only human. But, as we said in the introduction, we’re ready if you are…


The blog was started in 2014, but includes places we have collected over many years. We don’t go back and check up on places – the posts relate only to the time they’re posted. We provide a link to a website or contemporary review where we can, but you should check to see if the place still exists!

If it’s an event, then it’s likely to be one that’s repeated – the Monaco Grand Prix for example – rather than a one off. Although Monty Python’s 2014 Reunion Tour will be/was good, depending on when you read this blog.

If you want to book, then the best advice is to contact the place direct, but there are links to places we’ve used in the “Information and booking” widget thingy at the side.

All the posts are genuine – we’re not part of any place we feature, they’re not negative, we’re not paid to visit, we don’t accept gifts or inducements of any kind, we’re not linked in any way to any of the booking sites listed and we don’t take advertising. No-one’s asked us actually, but the same rules apply…


Wherever possible we use our own photographs on the site (for better or worse!). Sometimes we use images taken from places’s websites. We do this with the very best of intentions, and always acknowledge their provenance – please take it as the flattery that’s intended. If you don’t wish us to use them, or you’re happy but you would like the photographer’s copyright acknowledged, please let us know and we’ll take action straightaway.


Nowhere is perfect, though they have to be pretty good to get in here. If we can think of any improvements, based on our extensive, selfless and unstinting research, we’ll list them here. In no particular order, but if the cap fits etc…

  • Fresh milk in the drinks fridge for morning tea
  • Freshly squeezed orange for breakfast without having to pay extra (yes, it was a 5* Hotel)
  • Or even just orange juice, or grapefruit – apple juice and no yoghurt just isn’t good enough
  • Free Wi-Fi (yes, even very expensive London hotels have relented)

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