L’Absinthe, Honfleur

Absinthe Restaurant with rooms

Absinthe Restaurant with rooms

We’ve been to Honfleur a couple of times, never for long enough. It’s been on the way back, staying overnight to catch the ferry back from Caen to the UK. We think Honfleur is a cross between Amsterdam and Whitby; tall – 5 or 6 storey – buildings all bunched together, set around a harbour on the exposed north coast of Normandy, filled with visiting boats and fishermen. There are a couple of inner basins, up the river from the sea and well protected against gales and heavy seas – and the seas are high, with a very big tidal range round the Brittany and Normandy coasts as the sea piles up across the Atlantic.

On our first visit we stayed at L’Absinthe, which is a restaurant with rooms. The restaurant fronts the Quay de la Quarantaine, with space inside and on a timber-decked terrace. Inevitably the menus are dominated by fish and shellfish. The Menus are good value, compared with the Carte; Seafood platter with lobster for two to start – 140 Euros anyone?

The hotel part is either just next door or across a small lane, with nine comfortable rooms and two suites in which to sleep off the excellent food.

Restaurant with rooms L’Absinthe

Just like Amsterdam/Whitby

Just like Amsterdam/Whitby

Absinthe 03


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