Osteria Al Squero, Venezia

Squero 02

Osteria Al Squero sits alongside one of the less popular canals, running roughly south between the Grand Canal and the main waterway that separates the city from Giudecca – the Rio de San Trovaso. The Osteria sits on Fondamenta Nani [as Google calls it – or Meraviglie as some guidebooks say], and is opposite the Squero San Trevaso, one of only three Gondola boatyards remaining in Venice [and the easiest to find].

There is another squero nearby. From the Squero San Trovaso, continue down Fondamenta Meraviglie to the wide Giudecca Canal. Turn right, over the bridge across Rio San Trovaso, then take your first right. The street will dogleg then cross another canal. Turn left immediately to follow this canal along Fondamenta Bonini. Cross another side canal as you continue straight until the canal you’ve been following suddenly turns right to become Rio Sant’Avogaria. On the bridge that crosses this canal, look to your right and, on the left side of the canal is the Squero Domenico Tramontin & Figli at Dorsoduro 1542.

Osteria Al Squero

Osteria Al Squero

Squero 01

Squero [gondola boatyard]

Squero [gondola boatyard]


Not a lot has changed since this photo…

Osteria Al Squero


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