Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Aysgarth, North Yorkshire


Speaking of walks, as we were on the last post, we seem to do most of our walking in the winter [or the autumn…or the spring] but rarely in the summer. This could be that we have too much gardening to do which, worthy as it is, isn’t in quite the same league as a good walk. Apparently November in the UK has been settled – a “blocked” month apparently – with several high pressure areas. In simple terms that means less frequent rain [though torrential when it does fall] so wetter than average, but with more drier, sunnier days. 108% of average. Work that one out.

In Yorkshire that meant more of those crisp, sunny days with endless blue skies [no change there then…ed] that are perfect for walks on the Dales or the Moors. The recent walk to Mallyan Spout is a perfect example. Crossing to the other side of the county, the walk around Aysgarth must have been on one of those rainy days though, as luck would have it, we only walked in the sunshine and spent the rainy part in the pub. We always arrive later than we think but, as always, the pub manages to fit us in and feed us. It is Yorkshire and food is the staff of life.

So, always reliable, good beer [of course] and food [what else…ed], we recommend the walking and the

Pub Aysgarth Falls Hotel Wensleydale

Fancy picture of the Falls...

Fancy picture of the Falls…

...even LNER got in the act

…even LNER got in the act – it’s not quicker now

The Falls in November 2015 - a real raging torrent and no mistake

The Falls in November 2015 – a real raging torrent and no mistake


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