Tassili, The Grand Hotel, St Helier, Jersey

Tassilli 1

Tassili is the fourth and final restaurant by Edon Tours on their visit to Jersey. Michelin Star and three AA Rosettes, and making the best use of local produce [potatoes again?]. That Jersey can support four restaurants of such quality in such a small area says something about the wealth of the island, as we don’t think that tourists are mainstay of Michelin restaurants. Le Manoir in Oxfordshire relies on bookings for special occasions [and there are a lot of those with 150 for dinner, and a similar number for lunch every day!]; we’re not saying the Jersey restaurants are for your everyday supper – as Francis Atkins suggested for Vennel’s in Masham…

It’s a lovely place to eat, plus, if you’re visiting the area it’s the sort of place you could probably afford to eat at every night

– but they must get quite a lot of repeat business, in addition to the hotel guests. So here we go for No 4. Watch out for further guest reviews of Michelin restaurants – there’s lots to come…

This, the final Michelin Star of the Jersey tour, was an unknown quantity. Richard Allen the executive chef of Tassili who earned the Michelin Star in 2011 and since, left in January to run the Orangery at Rockliffe Hall along with The Grand Hotel’s General Manager, Eamon Elliot, who becomes Chief Executive at Rockliffe. While the star stays with the kitchen this year’s awards will be watched with interest.

Well, what a good evening we had, in part due to the fact that the hotel overlooked the Esplanade and this evening was a vintage car rally. Pre-dinner drinks were spent watching a bunch of old cars and a long line of old police cars going back to Wolsley six-eighty, and a turquoise mini van. The trouble was, none of cars actually seemed that old!!

  • Tomato Granita, vodka jelly, tomato foam
  • Smoked Salmon, cauliflower mousse
  • Foie Gras, Toasted Brioche, Sweetcorn Ice-Cream
  • Pork, ‘classic herd’ pork belly, braised cheek, boudin noir, pork ‘popcorn’
  • Lemon Mousse, Lemongrass Granita
  • Textures of Orange, Chocolate Delice
  • Coffee and petit fours

The above image doesn’t show the panoramic window looking over the sea front brilliant and it also doesn’t show the two TV screens showing the plating up station, awful. The restaurant was quiet but we were sat together looking out to sea, improving the atmosphere and improving service with limited staff.

I think this was the best all round dining experience of the week. Individually the best starter and probably main. But no dessert came close to matching the soufflé at Ormer. On the basis of tonight their Michelin Star is secure.

Restaurant Tassili @ The Grand Hotel



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