Ormer, St Helier, Jersey


Restaurant No 3 in the Edon Tour of Jersey. This restaurant, described as understated, is run by Shaun Rankin [no relation of Ian, we expect]. He learned his trade at Bohemia [see earlier post], gaining a Michelin Star there in 2005. After eighteen years on the island, he set up Ormer in 2013, gaining its Michelin Star after only four months.

Shaun is well known for his winning performance on BBC Two’s Great British Menu and is a regular on Saturday Kitchen. He is ranked as “a chef at the top of his game” in the prestigious Good Food Guide. Staying in St Helier, Edon Tours had a short stroll to the restaurant and clearly had a good time…

First up I confess that I mixed Shaun up with Paul, but having sorted that out, we walked to the middle of St Helier to a very nice establishment from our hotel, very handy. Ormer is a sea mollusc called Halitosis Tuberculosis [Haliotis Tuberculata…Ed] or something similar and they are farmed in beds around Jersey with Oysters. So now you know.

The restaurant had a window into the kitchen, blinds were pulled so you could only see the staff from mid chest down. Very sneaky so we didn’t know if Shaun was in or not.

  • Starter: Jersey Lobster Ravioli, scallops, ginger, coriander, crab and tomato bisque, puffed black rice
  • Main: Roast Lamb loin, glazed sweetbreads, smoked aubergine, Pickled artichokes, marinated tomatoes, Whipped goat curd
  • Pudding: Rhubarb Soufflé, baked vanilla cheesecake ice cream, Poached rhubarb, ginger and mascarpone foam

The food was lovely, although I confess to being bewildered by the large quantities of linseeds in my starter and main. The pickled artichokes were not my thing but I did try, and worryingly my fondness for sweetbreads continues! The dessert was my particular favourite.

The service was poor, partially I think because it was mid week and they were quiet and trying to manage with fewer staff. But on a couple of occasions we were left feeling uncomfortable because we weren’t sure what was happening, should we go to the bar for a drink or sit here like lemons waiting? That sort of thing. The place being quiet and us patrons spread throughout the room meant very little atmosphere. Because it was quiet the window into the kitchen allowed you to watch the staff clean up and disappear while we were eating, not good, they should have pulled the blinds completely. With crisper service it could have been excellent.

Restaurant Ormer




...collecting Green Ormers in Gurnsey

…collecting Green Ormers in Gurnsey


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