Gaspard de la Nuit, Paris

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France has been in the news a bit recently so it reminded us of a couple of small excellent restaurants. We like the Marais, that small, neat, discreet area of Paris around the Place des Vosges, where you will find lots of shops which definitely aren’t chain stores. It’s smart so don’t expect lots of bargains but Le Gaspard describes it as…

Le Marais, l’un des plus beaux quartiers de Paris

…and it’s true. Small restaurants, shops, cafés and lots of history and a fair amount of culture. Think easy access to Centre Georges Pompidou and the newly regenerated Musée Georges Picasso right on the doorstep. After all the huge delays and overspending on the troubled refurbishment of the Musée Picasso, it’s a bit disappointing to see such a spare and bland website. Did they run out of money in the end? It hardly inspires you to visit. We’re all for simplicity and minimalism but, really, this is a step too far. No pictures – isn’t that what he was all about? Perhaps it’s a deliberate ploy to get you to go and look at the pictures? Have a look and see what you think – perhaps it’s our browser…? Well, they won’t put us off so [assuming it makes the grade] it will appear somewhere in here in due course…probably…and no more question marks. Still…

It’s a fast-forward journey through an oeuvre that is, as Baldessari puts it, like a history of the 20th century.

Le Gaspard is small – just a converted shop really – with a few tables, a good traditional menu and some good value wines. It’s not Bofinger or L’ambroisie for sure, but very relaxed and, well, comforting. You don’t have to suffer for your food as you might in some exalted establishments.

Restaurant Gaspard de la Nuit

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Not le Gaspard - this is L'ambroisie. Definitely on the list to visit...

No, not le Gaspard – this is L’ambroisie. Definitely on the list to visit…hope the food is simpler!


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