Pizza Express Jazz Club, Dean Street, Soho, London

Pizza Express Dean Street

Pizza Express Dean Street

Now this isn’t Ronnie Scott’s [see earlier post] but it’s a very attractive alternative. The performers aren’t always internationally known – though could easily be world class – and the setting is even more intimate that RS’s place. Take pot luck as it’s as much about the company and the atmosphere, and live music is always a treat and often better than you thought it might be from Youtube/Spotify and the rest. The first visit we saw Rachel Sutton – fabulous.

Jason Carter with a great violin accompanist, Steve Bingham, and a guest spot by Verity Smith made it a really great night. They serve the food right throughout the night, without disturbing the performers or the audience, and it’s good value – well, it’s Pizza Express after all. For the best views go as a 2 or a 4 – the tables for six are at right-angles to the stage so the first two get a view, but not the rest. Good value wine and 660ml bottles of Peroni get the night off to the right start.

They also have a similar arrangement at the Pheasantry in the Kings Road, and in Maidstone. For us though, the Dean Street one is the place to be.

Jazz Club and Restaurant Pizza Express Soho

Check out Verity Smith’s music with Jason Carter here

Jason Carter, Verity Smith and Steve Bingham

Jason Carter, Verity Smith and Steve Bingham

Soho on a hot August night

Soho on a hot August night


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