Fyne Ales, Loch Fyne

Not actually part of the Loch Fyne chain of restaurants [which we’ve enjoyed for many years], this brewery produces a range of regular and seasonal beers for pubs and, through the online shop, to enjoy in bottles [500ml] at home. They also do 5 litre mini casks for the ultimate thirst-quencher. We’ve been enjoying the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and, when we haven’t got tickets and have to watch on TV, a little liquid accompaniment helps cheer the appropriate team. Not just England…or Scotland… Uganda got the best cheers at the Rugby 7s. We particularly like Avalanche:

straw coloured, well-hopped ale, ABV 4.5% OG 1043.5 [note the 0.5], Cascade and Liberty hops and Maris Otter Pale Malt and wheat.

Whew, that’s enough to tell you it’s just great to drink. That eulogy shouldn’t put you off trying the others, of course.

Brewery Fyne Ales

Image from lochfyne.com


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