The Left Bank, Glasgow

Last day of the XX Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, settling down to watch the Men’s Road Race, a perfect course doing twelve circuits of the best of the city centre. It couldn’t last, and the rain came down in, well, buckets doesn’t do it justice. That’s Scotland – the first few days basking in nearly 30 degrees, barbecues all lit and the beer out. Sunday was the antidote. Two quotes:

It’s just a’ll be over by September

Oh, this wasn’t rain. Rain comes down in raindrops. That implies space between said drops.

Still, in every cloud etc. A table was found for 1pm right at the side of the course, on Gibson Street, arguably the fastest part of the course as they race downhill approaching 65 kph…on a bike…in the rain. Great spot for breakfast, lunch or supper, good food, great cocktails and a great view. Alas, the ‘bolt’ Usain burger was off [popular then], but the award-winning ***chilli cook-off winning chilli*** was still available – just what was needed. Also, the burgers are awesome.

Amongst Glasgow’s many, many restaurants, a star.

Restaurant The Left Bank

Interestingly, across the street is Stravaigin [more later]. The two photographs show the Glasgow weather pattern. Never was “be prepared” more apt.

The menu for the Commonwealth Games

The menu for the Commonwealth Games

Fine and Dandy

Fine and Dandy

None of the above

None of the above


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