The Drunken Duck, Ambleside, Lake District

Walking in the Lake District is legendary, more so because you only have to walk about 5 yards [4.575 metres] uphill to avoid all the crowds that either make the Lake District famous, or are here because it’s famous; famous for being famous then.

Luckily, the Drunken Duck is ideally positioned as a base for walking – right from the door even. Well equipped rooms, good food and – importantly – its own brewery. Barngates Brewery is in an outbuilding [smart glass-fronted outbuilding] at the back, producing a range of beers on tap in the Duck, or to take home in bottles. Luckily, quite a few eschew the tendency for stronger and stronger beer, starting at only 3.6% ABV with an OG of 1037 [that’s enough technical stuff – ed].

Simply put, the beer’s good, the food’s good and the accommodation is good. Perfect base and a family favourite. Indoor and outdoor eating [note to editors – the Lake District gets quite a bit of rain].

Pub with rooms The Drunken Duck

…and the brewery, Barngates

The bar at the Duck

The bar at the Duck

Images from Duck’s website



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