The Crathorne Arms, Crathorne, North Yorkshire

CrathorneArms 04


We’ve been…and yes, it is the Tontine reinvented. The new restaurant of choice in this part of the world.

Eugene McCoy at the helm, delivering outstanding food and atmosphere as he’s done for nearly as long as we can remember. After the legendary Kirk – hot music venue from our youth – through to McCoy’s at the Tontine – this is great.

The Tontine was the scene of so many memorable meals and almost every important family occasion, right from a second wedding anniversary in 1976 – a time before we knew the earth was round. Latterly “under new management” the jury is still out on the refurbished Tontine, but the tradition carries on at Crathorne. Just waiting now for Chicken Jo-Jo and the Hot Black Cherries and Ice Cream to make the cut [the McCoy’s Seafood Pancake is there already] and history will be made. Further update soon if not earlier. Let’s go again!

Music nights now a feature with the promise of a reformed John McCoy band. John McCoy was at the forefront of engaging young, unknown bands at the Kirk [Kirkleavington], the music venue of our youth, alongside the Redcar Jazz Club. Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and the first appearance outside London for the little-known Rolling Stones.

Pub Barbara and Eugene McCoy at the Crathorne Arms

John McCoy at the Kirk in the late 1960s with a young Eric Clapton

John McCoy at the Kirk in the late 1960s with a young Eric Clapton

The contract for JHE in 1966...

The contract for JHE in 1966…

We'll be smiling like this soon...

We’ll be smiling like this soon…

Image above and feature image from the Crathorne Arms website…they really are all smiling!


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