Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road London

Wow what a special occasion – a friend’s retirement celebration. This restaurant had been on the list for a while but, sometimes, you shy away from such celebrated restaurants…better to travel than to arrive, they say. We needn’t have worried; it was as good as anyone has a right to expect.

It’s not a particularly stunning location by any means – a simple room backing on to Royal Hospital Road, Chelsea, just off the back of the pavement. Discreet, you could say. All the better for that.

The food, masterminded by Clare Smyth, was everything you would expect. A model of great tasting food. Fully deserving of the 3 Michelin Stars. For pudding, we chose the Tart Tatin for two – you order with the other courses – and it arrived at the table just ready to be divided in half. A small, carefully chosen and beautifully presented accompanying scoop of very-vanilla vanilla ice cream was quickly supplemented “you’ll need a bit more ice cream with that”. Could have been in Yorkshire.

An unexpected and privileged visit to the kitchens to see the calm team hard at work – Clare on the pass – sealed a great evening. Save up, it’s absolutely definitely without question worth it.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay Royal Hospital Road 

Ramsay's Menu

Featured image from omnomphotos.com


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