Croft 103, Durness, Scotland

Croft 04

A brave and committed exercise in sustainable holiday cottage design.  Built on the site of a croft, these two houses, each for a maximum of two people, nestle into the hillside on the side of Loch Eribol. Each is designed from first principles to be models of self-sufficiency, whilst sacrificing nothing in the way of comfort.

Beautifully fitted out, entirely peaceful and supremely comfortable (polished concrete floors, mind…but with underfloor heating) they make great places to stay for an exploration of this remote north-westerly tip of Scotland. Lots of good walks and the most fabulous deserted beaches, local well-stocked shop (don’t expect Wa….se) and the owners run the pub a short drive away.

Self-catering Croft 103


Very luxurious interior

...outside bath. There is a shower inside of course.

…outside bath. There is a shower inside of course.

..packed beaches

..packed beaches



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