Oak, Bath

During two years of The Great Pandemic we’ve had just five days away. Two at Inver in July 2020, and three at the Drunken Duck in September 2021 when it rained a lot. We’re not complaining but, really, the time has come surely when it’s safe? Surely? Oh, and three heavenly nights at The Airds in Port Appin. 

Regular readers (you know who you are) will recall the cryptic comment in the Olive Tree entry that there was another story. However here we are again, three years on, and to a new hotel. The Queensberry is all well and good but, service charge on your hotel bill? We like to tip, but it’s our choice thanks very much. Bath has a real draw – the architecture, the culture – Jane Austen, you knew where to choose to set your novels. We’re going to be reading/rereading* to ensure we get into character. Tomorrow it’s off to the Roman Baths – simply splendid. 

We’re eating at Oak (used to be Acorn but it’s grown a bit…groan. Ed) which is listed in the Michelin Guide with a green star – local, sustainable produce. 

These restaurants offer dining experiences that combine culinary excellence with outstanding eco-friendly commitments and are a source of inspiration both for keen foodies and the hospitality industry as a whole. They don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian, just ethical and sustainable. 

Very familiar selection of (mostly) vegan small plates – choose 4-6 between two. We chose five plus brilliant sourdough and olive oil, with room for a shared pud – Orange cake with olive oil ice cream. The wines are good – most available by the glass, the 500ml carafe, or the bottle. We ordered a carafe of Primativo and they promptly opened a bottle and popped it into a waiting carafe. The remaining 250ml left for sale by the glass. The food was delicious, although the anticipated ‘salt baked celeriac risotto with hazelnut butter and chervil’ a tad underwhelming. So, a Michelin Green Star; our first but probably not our last. Who needs meat?

We’re staying at 15 Great Pulteney. The hotel is now part of a ‘group’ – the GuestHouse Hotels (well, it does what it says on the tin…Ed) – and the latest (second) is No 1 York. And splendid it looks. Brighton next. We stayed in Room 19, above the front door with a great view of all the comings and goings along Great Pulteney. Fabulous. Great breakfasts, a good restaurant for our first night, simply charming staff and a help yourself pantry on the second floor. Ah, the flapjack…

Restaurant Oak, Bath

Inside Oak, Bath

Roman Baths

Rooftop pool

15 Great Pultney

Even plays vinyl!



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