Lockdown Meals #2

So, episode 2 in the great Lockdown Saga. Let’s hope we’re moving towards the end of this trilogy – more drawn out than Thomas Cromwell’s life and times.

We’ve been to Angela Hartnett’s Café Murano, and to the adjoining Pastificio several times. And most recently (well 2019…Ed) to Michelin-Starred Murano – a real treat. So, when amongst many, many restaurant ready meals we saw Angela’s Italian Beef Ragout we couldn’t resist. £70 mind! Plus carriage.

The logistics are handled by DishPatch (geddit…? – try saying that without seeming pissed…Ed) who act for quite a number of London restaurants taking up the takeaway challenge. So, how did it work out?

It started with a couple of confused emails, conflicted delivery advice (“don’t worry if it’s late – we kept it in the fridge overnight”) and an advance set of cooking instructions for a different order – sounded good though.

DPD duly arrived, very apologetic for the late delivery and, more importantly, the state of the packaging. We’ll let you judge the photos but, suffice it to say, DishPatch responded very rapidly with a full refund, an apology and a £25 discount off our next order.

And the taste? Antipasto of Salumi, arancini, focaccia and olive oil accompanied some burrata and pickled leaves. All very tasty, though we might have managed to slice the salumi ever so slightly more evenly (!). Plenty of burrata – we saved some. The main was tasty enough, although dry and again, we’ll leave you to judge the appearance. The pudding was a soft and runny lemon posset with shortbread biscuit and poached rhubarb (coals to Newcastle up here in Yorkshire).

Mmm…we’re pretty good cooks here and it didn’t improve on our efforts. Presentation? Judge for yourselves. Value? £70 + postage? And, a general feature of anti-covid precautions, rather a lot of plastic to throw away…

Café Murano Take-away

As it arrived from DHL…

In case we didn’t know what was what…

We would have cut the salumi rather more carefully…

To accompany the burrata…

The famous beef dish…

The pud…coals to Newcastle



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