Riley’s Fish Shack, Tynemouth

Often promised but very nearly never realised. Our last attempt to visit this fish heaven saw The Shack closed for a new arrival. Our alternative choice wasn’t worth recording so we bided our time and, in the depths of winter but with a bit of blue sky, we wrapped up warmly and were rewarded with [1] a great walk on the beach and [2] a very acceptable lunch at The Shack. helped, no doubt, by the mulled red wine with added brandy. You could have had some great beer. And coffee.

There are a few seats inside – maybe 12 if you all snuggle up together*? – on three tables with high stools. More fun to be on the ‘verandah’ facing out to sea, your food balanced on a narrow rail. A steady stream of customers kept the atmosphere alive, with a few hardly souls taking some deckchairs down to the beach. The servers weren’t daunted and the wine and food made its way down to join them.

Curried fish balls, a few fabulous potatoes, yoghurt and some bread. Food of the Gods. Especially on a somewhat chilly day. Probably warm for this part of the world.

Beach-back [as opposed to beach-front] restaurant Rileys Fish Shack

* in those far off pre-covid-19 days.

…our first attempted visit 4th November 2016

Where the cooking happens…

…place your orders

That super curried fish…

…early ‘social distancing’. Remember that?

…that fabulous beach


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