The Coverbridge Inn, Wensleydale

There’s a very old walking in club in West Yorkshire that seems to love walking in the depths of winter, in the Yorkshire Dales. Members are all of a certain age but that doesn’t stop them walking a fair distance and, after a night’s revelry, cycling a similar distance the following morning. Those aged 75+ are entitled to use electric mountain bikes.

Sunday saw the ‘A’ party [the fitter ones] complete just under 15 miles at an average of 2.8mph, with a vertical climb of around 850m. That’s some pace, we can tell you – about 6 hours including lunch picnic. After the floods this week a couple of bridges across the River Cover were washed away, but the early sleet and gale-force winds [34-40knots – “Twigs breaking off trees, generally impedes progress”] didn’t hamper the enjoyment. A couple of route diversions – no we didn’t get lost – saw us return to our revised starting point of West Burton at around 5 o’clock, where tea in the pub was accompanied by watching the England rugby. These Sunday walks end with a meal and, for those spent from the day’s activities, an overnight stop. Tie essential.

Usually semi-luxurious, this time it was eating at the Coverbridge Inn. They only have a small number of rooms, so a lucky few camped up the road in the The Blue Lion – heaven. We ate at the Coverbridge. Their ‘Ham and Eggs’ saw us replete. No starters offered and only two brave souls have a pudding.

Pub The Coverbridge Inn

Aysgarth Falls.. third weekend running

Ee we’ve ‘ad some rain..

Nice picnic spot though…

We didn’t get lost…

They don’t like moles…

The sleet has stopped…

Ham and eggs [1]

Ham and eggs [2]


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