Lisa Chapman’s Pop-Up at the Endeavour, Staithes, North Yorkshire

We really miss the Endeavour Restaurant in Staithes. What we don’t miss is the constant squawking of the seagulls. Day and night. A small but welcome little decanter of sherry by the bed helped, but couldn’t quite stop the interminable screeching. When you get old alcohol only stops you sleeping rather than sending you into a coma. Believe us, we’ve tried it.

After an unfortunate period running a ski chalet, to offset the lack of winter income in Staithes, the owners gave up – not even the ‘catch’n’cook’ courses saved the day. The Endeavour reopened as a simple but elegant B and B – still with those gulls though, and lost the little parking space which saved the long haul back up the hill. Staithes is quite magical throughout the year and sees the Staithes Festival. Staithes artists have long been celebrated – the Staithes Group – a group of 19th century painters, including the celebrated Dame Laura Knight who kept a studio here. You can even rent it.

A popular walk is from Staithes to Runswick, and back, along the cliff edge. Returning through Staithes we noticed a little card in the Endeavour’s window advertising Lisa Chapman’s pop-up restaurant over the summer. So, on the last day of service, we turned up to eat.

Three courses and a selection of wines – 3 red and 3 white all at £20 each – meant a full restaurant. Good, sensible cooking with the emphasis on fish, made for an excellent evening. With a pop-up you don’t get the opportunity to refine your dishes – and maybe they’re better for that – so we’ll be back next year. Hopefully.

Restaurant Lisa Chapman at the Endeavour Watch out on the Endeavour website or ring 01947 841029



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