Mraz und Sohn, Vienna

So, Vienna. End of a very memorable and virtuous cycle tour along the Danube, courtesy of Headwater Holidays. You ride down stream – so downhill – mostly along towpaths which are quiet and peaceful, and not too full of cyclists. Downhill, but with a bit of a headwind. Stops are for lunch where no green vegetables were harmed, and then a nice hotel and dinner. We did it in 10 days [well, 11 counting an extra day in Vienna – hence MuS described here] with 6 actual days cycling. Around 288 km in total. Splendid – we’ll be doing more of these tours.

Vienna was a revelation and a simply wonderful architectural [and cake] tour. We’d expected to see buildings by Adolf Loos [abandon ornaments!] but Otto Wagner’s Post Office surpassed all expectations.

Mraz und Sohn is slightly on the outskirts and we walked from the centre, there and back – about 35 minutes each way. You pass through a slightly edgy area doing this – all safe though – and arrive at a small door with the menu displayed in a frame outside. Or what used to be the menu. Once inside you are seated, rewarded with a drink and then shown the menu. Or rather a large platter with the ingredients for that night’s meal. Langoustines, chicken, cheese, vegetables [even in Austria they have them!] to check you have no dislikes or allergies. After that, sit back and be entertained. Good and varied, very good value glasses of wine accompanied the many, many dishes and the bill at the end simply said ” 2 x no risk, no fun”. A wonderful journey.

Restaurant Mraz Und Sohn

Those cheeses…

The boys…



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