Café Demel, Vienna

In Yorkshire we have Bettys [no apostrophe note], where you can indulge in cakes and savouries in a relaxed, genteel fashion. Broderie Anglaise still lingers in the staff uniforms, and every glass or cup has its doily. Jay Rayner heads there when ever there is a warning of nuclear war. The epitome of luxury cakes and fancies…until…

Apparently Vienna [Wein] is well-known for producing some acceptable cakes. Not to quite the same standard as Bettys but…well, acceptable none the less. Sugared almonds, hot chocolate, cakes of every description, including Sachertorte [which Bettys do, of course]. The queue was less than one finds in Yorkshire, though a greater number of people were just wandering in and out to look at the cakes. Why? Just pop in and eat one, that’s what they’re there for. Not to look at. In Yorkshire we just eat them. On the way to the loo you pass the glass walled kitchen, where you see the dedicated chefs creating their marvellous cakes. Rows and rows of chocolate cakes.

Outside seating in the beautiful pedestrianised shopping area in central Vienna mostly occupied by Japanese, and plenty of seating inside. You can even book. It’s true though, the cakes are simply wonderful. And the salads. And the wine. And coffee. You could sit here all day and [1] eat delicious things and [2] marvel at the strange people who just come in and look. People watching. It’s not cheap. But then, neither is Bettys.

Café Demel, Vienna

…looks just as good in winter

Cake production line…



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