Hotel Claris, Barcelona

We seem to have been “resting” over the autumn and winter, with a lack of posts. Sorry. So, in a burst of catching up here’s a blast from the past. With all the recent trouble in the city, as a result of a failed bid for independence – it’ll keep happening every year or two – it reminds us how great places tempt you  when there’s slight danger you may not be able to visit [Beirut, Egypt etc]. We’d been to the Hotel Claris before and it seemed a great place to visit with our two children and their girlfriends. We booked the least expensive rooms.

On arrival it was clear there had been a major cancellation and they had plenty of better rooms available so, in the spirit of helping out their fellow Europeans [that won’t happen again – ed] they upgraded us all. We moved to a rather nice suite. Ben, our elder son, moved to a rather better suite next door “it’s got a sofa and everything…”. Tom, our younger son and his girlfriend [looking like students on a back packing holiday] were upgraded last.

Their room – or apartment – was over two storeys, with two bathrooms, living rooms and a mezzanine seating area. A junior suite duplex, we believe. The staff at the hotel really enjoyed themselves.

The hotel had a little fleet of Smart cars you could borrow if you were brave enough to drive round Barcelona. We didn’t. Lots of good eating and drinking, and a huge amount of Gaudi.

Hotel Claris, Barcelona

Barcelona street pattern…

…that small backpacker’s room

…more Gaudi

Not Gaudi… but a nice extension to an old building


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