Albergo Gardesana, Torri del Banaco, Lake Garda


It took us over eleven hours to drive the 350 miles from Stuttgart to get here. OK, it was a Saturday in August but tales of super fast Autobahns were a little exaggerated. We queued for over an hour just to be allowed to collect a toll ticket. We averaged around 33mph. It didn’t ease up even after we’d left the Autostrada for those few km up the lakeside – solid traffic all the way. Now, apparently Lake Garda is attractive and popular…but rammed might be a better adjective in 21century speak.

Finally arriving you find you can’t drive to the hotel – it’s on a pedestrian square but has a little private car park and your luggage is ferried by electric golf buggy. Torre is right by the shore, with a small piazza facing the tiny harbour. Cafe tables are outside, under umbrellas or the shaded arches of the hotel; the restaurant is on a first floor balcony, perfectly placed for both watching the passeggiata or, more importantly, being watched. This where you have dinner and breakfast. The balcony (and, incidentally our room balcony) faces south and enjoys uninterrupted sun from sunrise to sunset. Very Yorkshire.

Despite the long drive to get to Gardesana we enjoyed a trip around the lake by (diesel powered) steamer, and drove half way round exploring the road and tunnel network before coming back across by traghetto. However, most people come here to (1) enjoy the beauty of the lake, surrounded by the impressive hills and (2) relax, swim, read, splash about and generally acquire a tan. For that it is exquisitely placed. We’re a bit more restlessly active.

Restaurant with (lots of) rooms Albergo Gardesana

The view...

The view…

The view at disk...

The view at dusk…


Finally arriving after 11 hours..and empty wine glasses...

Finally arriving after 11 hours on the road…and empty wine glasses…


Beautiful villages all around the lake...

Beautiful villages all around the lake…Limone





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