Ca’n BoQueta, Soller, Mallorca

Ca'n BoQueta

We’re filling in time whilst watching the rain pour down the outside of the buildings, filling up the ditches and rivers and making every activity thoroughly unpleasant. Wainwright’s view on weather and clothing might be right in principle but eventually, with the very best clothing in the world, the constant drizzle just gets through to everything – including the soul. The BBC weather app has even introduced a new symbol – drizzle – to accompany the single and double raindrops. In other words, when it isn’t raining it’s still just wet – just not quite as wet, but wet nonetheless.

So we’re catching up and reminding ourselves of warmer climes and recent holidays that haven’t all made it as far as the blog, but which shouldn’t be forgotten. You’d think that eating out in the evenings where a third of the party is under the age of 4 would be a problem but, in Europe [Hurrah!] it’s not a big deal and all is easily accommodated – seating, food, timing. Even the other diners smile on benignly. After successful lunches we aimed for a couple of evenings out. One involved tapas [or pintxos] which came as a takeaway, whilst the other was a full-on tasting menu at a lovely restaurant called Ca’n Boqueta. Apparently it’s quite well-known and loved, for us it looked nice and was just round the corner. No matter it was a great find. We ate at 7:30, when they started serving their very good value tasting menu and it was just about right for the small children. Emminently suitable food for small people [“Pizza? – we make everything here on the premises”] was rapidly devoured and the older members of the party enjoyed an excellent dinner and wine.

The food is as inventive, flavourful and beautifully presented as ever. The evening menu without wine pairings is an absolute bargain.

It certainly was a bargain – a delicious five course tasting menu for 28.50 Euros? Unbelievable. Highly recommended.

Restaurant Ca’n Boqueta No website but the telephone is +34 971 63 83 98.

Happy customers

Happy customers

Amazing value...

Amazing value…


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