Knead it!, Stratford-on-Avon

Knead 01

For those of a certain age, you might remember a series of advertisements on TV [we know, it wasn’t the BBC] about a man who loved his shaver so much that he bought the company. Gerald Ronson, if memory serves us right. Quite a good strap line and convincing ad, though not in the same league as the Guinness ads of the time – “Good things come to those who wait” – the tipping point ad, for example, or the swimblack one.

So, when a couple in Tiddington, on the outskirts of Stratford, couldn’t find bread they really liked, they started their own bakery.

As villagers ourselves, we struggled to find good bread and felt that Tiddington “kneaded” (excuse the pun) a local bakery.  So here we are – your local, artisan bakery in School Lane baking for you, our local community.

Now the smell of freshly baked [or baking] bread is one of these great life-afirming smells – better than coffee, or lemon, or [enough! ed] so, combined with a lovely setting and friendly people, it’s got to be a magnet. The lucky people of Tiddington can find bread, as well as cakes, flapjack, brownies etc all made on the premises by Jane and Craig, overnight ready for selling on Wednesday and Saturday. The bread is made slowly, proving overnight to allow the flavours to develop much more than rapidly made bread that you can find, even in the best of shops. Good things come to those who wait, you might say.

Too tempting...

Too tempting…

Delightful setting for delightful bread...

Delightful setting for delightful bread…

The shop/bakery...

The shop/bakery…

You have to know where to look...

You have to know where to look…

Bakery Knead it!


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