Bohemia, Club Hotel & Spa, St Helier, Jersey


First foray into the Channel Islands for our guest writers, Edon Tours Inc. Although we’d usually recommend these islands for a bit of spring/autumn sun the weather has been so variable [cold] that an escape to jersey was just what was required. Jersey is known for its wealth [oh, and its cows and potatoes] and the island enjoys a number of financial advantages, including the omission to levy 20% VAT but replace it with a 5% General Shopping Tax. It’s currently ranked as the 9th safest tax haven in the Financial Secrecy Index [wikipaedia].

Despite a population of under 100,000 the numbers are swelled by tourists. That’s what explains the large number of grand hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants – four to be exact – and these will be covered in the next four posts on the site. The tourist board in Jersey offers a Michel-Star experience, booking you into a nice hotel and the opportunity to try all four top restaurants. Edon Tours dedicates itself selflessly to experience the rigours of dining at these challenging establishments, and organised its own tour, so let’s have a look at Bohemia, headed up by chef Steve Smith, the first of the four…

  • As a little nibble with the drinks: Cheese Pastry, squid ink cracker squid and garlic mayo, pulled pork and apple
  • Amuse bouche: Jersey Royal ice-cream, Jersey Royal Velouté
  • Starter: Veal sweetbread, shin, white asparagus and asparagus velouté
  • Main: Beef fillet, beef cheek, asparagus, morels
  • Pre dessert: Gin ice-cream with cucumber and mint.
  • Pudding: Strawberry cheese cake, champagne and basil
  • … and to drink Gamay.

The meal was lovely, albeit nothing to blow your socks off! It was, however, a relaxed and romantic evening. The surroundings were a bit dim and dark but we were well looked after and it was a good start to the week of Michelin in Jersey

Restaurant Bohemia



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