Pani’s Italian, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Always searching for somewhere good and reliable before the theatre, this place has become a regular. Note, in London we’re always searching for somewhere post-theatre, but elsewhere it’s always before the big event, for some reason. Mostly because places close and we’re usually ready for bed, unless on an exciting London visit.

Pani’s is almost next door to the Theatre Royal, Newcastle, and serves really good italian – sorry, Sardinian food.

Pani’s café was opened in 1995 by two enterprising brothers from Sardinia. It was one of the first Italian style cafe’s [sic] in Newcastle and is as authentically Italian as you can get without actually going to Italy.

Lots of specials, good cakes and no pizza. Authentic Sardinian wine adds to the enjoyment. Worth booking to be sure of a table.

We went to see Henry IV Part 1, part of the RSC’s touring for 2014 directed by Gregory Doran, before they headed off to Norwich on the next leg of their international tour. We didn’t see Part 2 – another year perhaps. Newcastle, Norwich, Salford, Bradford, Bath, Canterbury and London – it used to be New York, Venice, Prague etc. The RSC is always special and different from seeing it at Stratford. Interestingly, compared with the West Yorkshire Playhouse, which is all about casual enjoyment for everyone, the Theatre Royal always seems to attract a smarter, posher group of theatre goers. Not evening dress exactly, but definitely jacket and tie. Jeans and loose shirts at WYP.

Sardinian Café Pani’s Newcastle

…and the Theatre Royal Newcastle




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