Osteria Santa Marina, Venezia

On the scale of hard to find, this is a challenge. Venezia is notoriously hard to navigate at first but, as with most things, practice makes perfect – and we’re willing to practise. An osteria was originally a place serving simple food and wine, often serving cheap food at long shared tables. Well, things have changed and this Osteria serves really excellent food and wine. First discovered on a trip in 2009, we’ve since revisited as a 6 and sent a couple of others there to test the consistency. Good for lunch or dinner; must book.

Although Venezia must be the ultimate tourist trap, with poor-to-average food available almost everywhere, there are some gems – like this osteria. More news later on places to stay and other eating and drinking, especially in Canareggio – the canal side to the north so beloved of residents and largely ignored by visitors. And then there are the islands…

Osteria Santa Marina

Santa Marina 02


Santa Marina 03

Five Wonderful Restaurants in Venice


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