Balthazar, New York


A veritable New York Institution. The first time we went to NYC, this was the place most recommended. It didn’t disappoint, either for lunch [brunch?] or dinner. opening from early in the morning ’till late – 07:30 to midnight – serving a wide range of delicious food. Going strong since opening in 1997, it has a bakery next door and is part of of a whole family of restaurants started by Keith McNally. Now, although it’s in New York, in Spring Street, you could transport the whole thing to Paris and no-one would be the wiser. In fact, see the comments on Bofinger in Paris – it’s uncanny – even the waiters. [We would have used an exclamation mark there, but they’re in short supply on this blog]. Definitely the most french bistro in NYC…or most places for that matter. A well-known restaurant critic commented that a notice in an english restaurant was so insulting to its clients, that it should have been in french. Hope he doesn’t cross the channel or he’ll end up in andouilletes – whatever he thinks of the French as a nation, they certainly know how to throw a menu together.

It stands comparison with the Wolseley in London [of which more later] and of course, the recently opened Balthazar in London, just opposite the Royal Opera House. We haven’t been to the London one yet, just eyed it up from the pavement. It’s had a few mixed reviews but, selfless as ever, we’ll check in out when we’ve saved up.

Restaurant Balthazar NYC, apparently one of the World’s Top 50 Restaurants. Soak up the atmosphere, eat the food, enjoy. Informal or smart – take your pick.

BalthazarNY 02


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