Witt Suites Istanbul

Witt 01

Witt Suites: Bedroom on the top floor with balcony

Byzantium, Constantinople, Istanbul…what more history do you want? Spanning between Europe and Asia it’s been conquered by everyone and is now a very vibrant and exciting city. So much to see that you could live here all your life and still discover new places. The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, the spice market, the Bazaar, the water…

We stayed in Beyoğlu, slightly bohemian and centred around Taksim Square. Full of shops and restaurants, it was a great base, walking down the narrow streets, across the Galata Bridge across the Golden Horn and into the madness that is the market area. Witt Suites is a small hotel, no restaurant, but with beautiful rooms. Each fully equipped, with the three rooms at the top having terraces and stunning views across to Sultanahmet [the old city] and across the Bosphorous to Asia. Good breakfast, excellent wine and a haven. Great gentle blues music in the foyer, and wonderful delicate contemporary plates and cups. Easy walking to all the restaurants you could ever need in Beyoğlu.

Hotel Witt Suites

We haven’t tried TomTom Suites, Urban Suites or SuB Karaköy but they all get great reviews. There’s also Corinne in Beyoğlu.

Foyer, breakfast room or bar

Foyer, breakfast room or bar

The tram from Taksim to Tunel

The tram from Taksim to Tunel

Contemporary architecture in Beyoglu

Contemporary architecture in Beyoglu

...and the renovation opportunities

…and the renovation opportunities. The work of many lifetimes.


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